Alcona County Road Commission

Seasonal Load Restrictions Notice


In accordance with the provisions of Section 722 of Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, the Alcona County Road Commission, until further notice, will impose seasonal load restrictions and speed reductions to 35 m.p.h. beginning at 7:30am Tuesday, March 7th,  2023.

To see the complete list of roads affected, please visit our website at . For more information, contact the Road Commission at 301 N. Lake Street, P.O. Box 40, Lincoln, Michigan 48742, by phone at 989-736-8168, or by e-mail at



Dedicated to public service, striving always to be prudent, practical, and fiscally responsible in providing safe and convenient travel for motorists in Alcona County, the Alcona County Road Commission is responsible for the repair and maintenance of county roads and state highways.

The average day for Alcona County Road Commission crews might include snow and ice removal in winter, working on ditches and drainage, grading gravel or dirt-surfaced roads, placing new gravel, replacing culverts, installing or repairing road signs, patching pavement surfaces, sealcoating, brushing, mowing grass, or cutting trees on roadsides, or maintaining bridges.

In addition, the Road Commission garners all Federal aid and other sources of funding for major repairs, improvements or reconstruction of roads and bridges. It also plays a vital role in planning and forecasting needed improvements to ensure the road network meets present and future transportation needs within the county and to link efficiently with the statewide road network