The Alcona County Road Commission suspending non-critical work during COVID-19 outbreak

The Alcona County Road Commission announced Tuesday March 24, 2020 that it will suspend all non-essential infrastructure and maintenance work during the COVID-19 outbreak per Governor Whitmer’s executive order to “Stay Home, Stay Safe”. This decision was made to prioritize the health of its community and employees during the coronavirus outbreak.


“Today’s decision to voluntarily suspend non-essential maintenance work will go a long way to support the health and safety of our employees”, Alcona County Road Commission Managing Director Jesse Campbell said in a release. “The Road Commission provides critical services to our community. Our employees need to be in good health to respond to weather related issues. Our crews will still be ready to respond to all seasonal road emergencies during this time and we will still work closely with law enforcement to assist them in any way we can”.


The Alcona County Road Commission will continue to monitor the safety of our roads as this pandemic runs its course.  The road commission is still under contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain 154 lane miles of state roads as well as ensuring our local roads remain navigable.


If you do encounter an emergency on the roads, please call 911.   For all other inquiries, the Alcona County Road Commission administrative staff will still be working remotely to assist our residents.  Please contact the Alcona County Road Commission via phone (989)736-8168 extension #1, email to, fax (989)736-6687, visiting their website to obtain permits online at, or via private message to the Alcona County Road Commission Facebook page.


The Alcona County Road Commission is doing its part to mitigate further spread of COVID-19, which will help to protect our customers, communities and our much-needed health care professionals.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.