A three-member Board sets policy and acts as the fiduciary for the Alcona County Road Commission and provides the organizational direction and policy guidance for the Road Commission as well. Members of the Board of Road Commissioners are elected for staggered six-year terms.

The Board meets at 301 N. Lake Street, Lincoln, Michigan (unless otherwise noted) on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Meetings are open to the public.

Commissioner - Chair

Theodore R. Somers
810 Daley Trail
Lincoln, Michigan 48742
Elected: 2022

Commissioner - Vice-Chair

Harry L. Harvey
5387 Clark Road
Harrisville, Michigan 48740
Elected: 2020

Commissioner - Member

Alfred J. Scully
2313 West Fowler Road
Glennie, Michigan  48737
Elected: 2018 

Policy # 07202303



  1. Conduct of Public Body Members
  • Members shall act politely, calmly, and reasonably during all discussion and debate.
  • There shall be no personal attacks, name calling or harassment of other members or members of the public.
  • Members of the Board shall not engage in debate with speakers or members of the audience.
  • While working toward the will of the majority, members shall respect the rights of the minority, and recognize the importance of achieving consensus.
  • All staff shall be treated in a professional, courteous and dignified manner at all times by Board members and the public.
  • If disagreement or differences of opinion arise, all members shall demonstrate esteem and deference to colleagues.
  • Under no circumstance shall members engage in or threaten to engage in any physical attack on any other individual or make public accusations of impropriety.
  • Members of the Board and the public shall not use abusive, obscene, or slanderous language, including the use of profanity, insults or other disparaging and inappropriate remarks or gestures.
  • Members shall not exhibit conduct that disturbs the order of the public meeting or presents the Road Commission in an unfavorable light.
  • It is the Chair’s responsibility to maintain order. Members of the Board and the public should honor the Chair’s role. Objections about the agenda or the Chair’s actions should be voiced politely and with reason, following the Board’s rules of procedure.
  1. Conduct of General Public Attending Open Meetings
  • The general public may attend any open session of the Board of County Road Commissioners.
  • Members of the public attending an open session may participate in the session only when the public body has invited public testimony, questions, comments, or other forms of public participation.
  • An opportunity to address the public body will be provided at each public meeting.
  • All remarks of audience members shall be respectful and courteous, free of name-calling and personal attacks. Profanity, combative and other inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  • All statements in public meetings should relate to the business of the Road Commission, and the speaker shall wait until called upon to speak.
  • Appropriate time limits may be established for speakers and enforced by the presiding officer of the public body in a respectful and judicious manner.
  • Impeding of members of the public while entering, attending, or leaving an open session is not permitted.
  • The presiding officer of the public body may order any person who violates these regulations to be removed from the session and may request police assistance to remove the person and restore order.
  • The presiding officer may recess the session while order is being restored.


                                                                        Adopted by Resolution No.2023-004

As adopted by the Alcona County Road Commission Board on July 26, 2023