Dedicated to public service, striving always to be prudent, practical, and fiscally responsible in providing safe and convenient travel for motorists in Alcona County.

The Road Commission was established in 1919 to maintain and construct roads in Alcona County. Through the McNitt Act of 1930, roads that were formerly maintained by townships were slowly transitioned over to the Road Commission’s jurisdiction.

The Road Commission receives funding through the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF), which comprises gasoline and vehicle registration fees collected in the state. The MTF is distributed to the Michigan Department of Transportation, cities and villages, and the 83 county road agencies in Michigan.

The MTF is apportioned to road agencies using a formula that takes into consideration population and miles of road along with a certain guaranteed amount. Alcona County typically ranks about 70th of the 83 county road entities with regard to road funding.

The Alcona County Road Commission is responsible for 727 miles of County Road, and under a maintenance contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation, 80 miles of State highway (US-23, M-65, M-72).